The Start

Hi, What and Why

Plug it in

Rule number 1

Water Sensor

Sound Sensor


Tri Colour LED

RTC (Real Time Clock) DS1302

RTC (Real Time Clock) DS3231

Matrix LED step 1


Stepper Motor

LCD revisited with PCF8574T

Humidity Sensor

Shift Register

RFID tags (RC-522)

7 Segment display

Ultrasonic distance sensor

5V regulator

analogRead and analogWrite

Wiring an Array of Switches

The next step

Other things I have bought

Infra red and Processing

Programming a separate arduino chip

Creating your own PCB

L293D for a DC motor

4 digit 7 segment display

Starting with motors

RF433 Wireless Comms

Sort a character array

More stuff

I2C devices (SDA,SCL)

I2C scanner

SPI devices (MOSI,MISO)

HMC5883L Compass

MMA7361 Accelerometer

Added projects

Message Display System

4WD robot car
4WD robot car II

4WD robot car COMPLETE

MP3 Player

Hi, What and Why

May 2014

Hi. I recently bought an arduino. Yay !
There are several models of arduino (eg Uno, Pro), and several companies bundle together the arduino with a variety of basic components.

I chose the [Sintron] RFID Master Kit with Motor Relay LCD Servo for Arduino AVR Starter at around £ 50. [update October 2014, they're around £35 now]

However, my kit came with no documentation and the components were not labelled.

I had to search the internet for each component that I had been sent, looking for pictures of the thing I was holding, to find out what it was and how to use it.

There was an astonishing lack of pictures on the website. I'm guessing that experienced people know the pinout values of the thing they're holding ? But I didn't.

I doubt that I am alone in this, so I have put online my investigations and results, with pictures throughout.

If you find any of this useful, a quick note of thanks in the comments is always welcome.

This is the Arduino kit that I bought (after a few days of rummaging through it).
A variety of resistors, LEDs, and some cheap and cheerful components.
My Arduino Kit