Tower Of London

The Tower Of London is easily one of the best attractions in London.

The central part (White Tower) was built by William The Conqueror in 1078.

Even recently, prisoners included Rudolph Hess (German Nazi, WWII) and the Kray Twins (London Gangsters, 1960's).
it's widely believed to be haunted by many many ghosts.

Historically, the Tower has imprisoned and seen executed many political prisoners, there are too many to reasonably list, it requires a deep knowledge of 1,000 years of English history.

Some of the best well known are perhaps :

Anne Boleyn (1536), Wife of Henry VIII, beheaded because good ol' Henry didn't appreciate the Pope's preference for one wife only

Princes In The Tower (1483), twins aged 10, disappeared without trace, believed to haunt the Tower
Sir Walter Raleigh, explorer, imprisoned here twice then beheaded

Henry VI, King of England (1471), died under suspicious circumstances (supposedly a broken heart, but then a knife has much the same effect)

Guy Fawkes, terrorist or political activist or freedom fighter (take your pick), almost succeeded in blowing up Houses of Parliament (1606)

Saint (Sir) Thomas More, politician (1535), refused to sign that Henry VIII had authority over the Pope.
The Crown Jewels have been kept at the Tower of London since 1303, after they were stolen from Westminster Abbey.
The Beefeaters are responsible for 'guarding the tower and the jewels', but their role nowadays is more of tour guide and a tourist attraction themeslves.

Doubtless the Crown Jewels are guarded by more modern technology !
We recommend that you walk all the way around the Tower, before going inside; the surroundings are magnificent. Tower Bridge is next door, and St Katherine's Docks are behind that modern block on the left.

A great wiki article is here and
the official site for the Tower Of London is here.

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