Temple is an area of London that is often missed by tourists, which is a shame because it's both beautiful and fascinating.

Temple is also the name of the church that the area takes it's name from.

The church has an offical website, here.

The tube station "Temple" is next to the area 'Temple', not Temple Church. Temple Church is buried in the middle of Temple (the area) and needs to be searched for. (It's not a large area, it won't take long, and the buildings around are gorgeous, see below).
The church was built around 1185 AD. The history is well documented, starting with the Knights Templar, here.

It's a popular location today for film crews, due to the stunning buildings around; Oliver Twist, Poirot and Da Vinci Code all used this area.

Inside the church

In the area

The buildings at Temple are all occupied by members of the legal professsion. If you really want to read about them, their website is here.
The High Court is just around the corner, in The Strand.

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