St Paul's Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral is in the City of London, making it close to plenty of other sights. Nearest tube is St Pauls. Entrance is £ 12 pp, which we think is quite expensive ... Entrance is free however if you want to attend a service, and also free for the facilities in the crypt. The entrance is round the side, and the facilities are cafe, toilets, and actually a very tranquil ambience in a very large space. It's nice.

Also, you can easily go in through the main entrance, and see the inside of the cathedral from the lobby.

One of the nicest ways is to walk over the river on the Millenium Bridge.
The cathedral has it's own website here.

A gorgeous summer evening makes St Pauls simply stunning.
This is the side entrance to the crypt, with the facilities downstairs; it's worth a visit. There's a cafe, and plenty of cathedral-type architecture.
St Pauls is at the end of The Millenium Bridge, across from the Tate Modern. It's a nice walk ...

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