Science Museum

There are 3 major museums very close to each other, all clustered around South Kensington tube station.
- the Natural History Museum
- the Science Museum
- the V&A museum (Victoria and Albert).

You probably have to love engineering and history to get the best experience, but kids love it too.

We've added a few pictures to give you an idea.
Afterwards, you are close to the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park, else it's a bus ride for 15 mins brings you back to Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner, else it's back on the tube. All the museums have good facilities and souvenir shops.
An unusual display of Vintage cars
Apollo 10 Space capsule
1950's mini cut in half.

Some Notes !

The Science Museum is round the corner from the Natural History museum, so again use South Kensington tube to get here, and follow the signs along the underground passages.

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