The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths, Strand Lane - somewhere between The Strand, and the Embankment. You'll need a map to find this !
We stumbled upon it by accident, and it's truly wonderful, albeit with limited views without appointment.
It's located in a remarkably derelict back alley, just yards from civilization.
It's managed by the National Trust. Apparently, appointments can be made to view on Wednesday afternoons (ring to check this first !) on 020 7641 5264
The view through the small grimy window is disappointing.
And this is the view, from the baths, facing back the way we came in !

Amazing that we are 50m from some of the finest architecture in the world. But that building looks _old_, and untouched for centuries.
This is what to look for on the maps...
The dingy alleyway that is Strand Lane.
Which is 10m away from The Embankment.

There is an informative wikipedia article on this;,_Strand_Lane

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