Natural History Museum

The entrance hall contains this magnificent dinosaur

The building itself is simply stunning.

As ever, there's an official website.

The Natural History Museum has the Dinosaurs;
The British Museum has the Egyptian collection;

Try and avoid going in the school holidays, the queues to get in are long; perhaps 1 hour, and even then, it's so packed inside that it's difficult to walk around.

The dinosaurs are the most popular exhibition for the kids.
Entrance to all of London's museums is free. However, a voluntary donation is much appreciated.

Maybe this guy didn't tip the waiter.

Directions: take the tube to South Kensington and follow the easy and obvious signs. There's an underground tunnel to avoid the streets, it leads to The Natural History Museum, Science Museum, V&A (Victoria And Albert Museum).
The massive hall at the centre... This is a large museum, so it helps if you know in advance a bit about this place, and also what you want to see. The kids will want to see the dinosaurs, which frankly is an excellent exhibition. But there is so much else as well. See the official site for details.
Facilities are good; shop, cafe, toilets etc.

What to do afterwards

You're on the Western Edge of tourist London. Very close by is the Science Museum and the V&A museum. Both are worthwhile as well, but the Natural History Museum may have exhausted you.
A walk up the street northwards brings you to the Royal Albert Hall, and Hyde Park with the Albert Memorial; excellent for exercise and space around you.
Transport by bus is good as well; you're on the A4 which leads to Knightsbridge and back into the centre of London. Simply look for the bus stop down the road.
There's some shops and pubs and cafe's if you choose to walk back to the tube by the street, instead of via the underground tunnels.

This is a large museum, East and West wings, allow several hours.



Every step brings you a new exhibit, it's fascinating.

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