London Eye

The London Eye is apparently one of the world's icons; but strangely, this thing is best seen from the ground. It's expensive, and a long pretty dull ride !

That's Big Ben in the background, yes. The London Eye is across Westminster Bridge from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

This picture was taken from Waterloo Bridge, while we were on our way to Somerset House.
The official website for the London Eye is here and you can have a look; but, if you are in doubt and short on budget, then don't bother. Find a high building (Monument, Tower Bridge), and see if you can see anything interesting on the skyline from there.

You see, London is full of history, and 1,000 years ago history was not 100 metres in the air. It was all on the ground.

County Hall, the building in the foreground here, used to be the seat of power for the mayor.
If you look at the websites for County Hall and London Eye, you can see that they are vying for attention without that much to offer. Also prices are hidden, unless you search deep.

The Good News

There is some good news :
  • The London Eye is a fascinating structure in itself. Have a look at how the thing stays up. That's quite amazing. There's an interesting wiki article here
  • It's at the start of the Embankment. You should always walk the embankment. (walk North East from here - that's walk from this picture inwards)
  • There's plenty of entertainment around to watch. Just have a look, it's worth it.
  • It's next to the London Aquarium, which is also overpriced and frankly laughable, see here. London is not famous for it's big fish, I believe (except when in 1787 they caught a sick shark, with a watch inside it). So why have an aquarium !? If you want to see interesting fish, try the Caribbean or the Amazon, not a small polluted whitebait from the River Thames !
  • It's opposite the Houses Of Parliament and Big Ben, making it a perfect site for a tourist rip-off.

In summary ? Sorry, we don't think that this expense is worthwhile. Okay, you get to see London from 100 metres up, but it costs a family fifty quid and there's not that much to see once you're up there.
Oh; and security is huge. I mean huge. It's opposite the Houses Of Parliament and a high terror risk. Every capsule gets the once-over with mirrors every time they go round. We've never seen a large queue for this thing, probably because it's so expensive.

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