Sir John Soane's Museum

The Sir John Soane's Museum is a fascinating place, and well worth a visit.

Unfortunately, they do not appreciate cameras inside and so we are limited to what we can show you.

We have also been unable to find any other photographs of the collections inside; it really is one of those things that you just have to see for yourself.

The collections inside have been catalogued on the net here, so you can get some idea of what you likely to see, and the official website is here.

The nearest tube is Holborn; it's a 2 minute walk from here. Follow the signs to Lincolns Inn Fields.
The interior is the size of a regular London townhouse; meaning that the number of people inside at any one time has to be limited. This leads to queues for entry, sometimes for up to 60 mins. It's best to try and come at off-peak times; or, if you see a queue then nip off to see Temple, and come back later. More information is on their website.
You can allow about 2 hours to explore the collections. Afterwards, a walk in Lincolns Inn Fields, and there are plenty of cafe's and sandwich bars around as well.

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