Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is usually missed by tourists, which is a shame. It's only 4 miles from Trafalgar Square and is 800 acres of incredible countryside with amazing views of London City skyline.

There is a dedicated website here, which has countless pictures for you.

Go for a walk here ...

To quote,

" Lying four miles from the centre of London, Hampstead Heath is one of the capital's most popular green space. The rolling, semi-landscaped Heath divides the hilltop villages of Hampstead and Highgate and was formed from the grounds of several, separate, properties.
Hampstead Heath has a variety of landscapes: heathland, meadows, hills, ponds and lakes. In the 791 acres you can stroll, take a guided walk, jog, sunbathe, picnic, fish, play football, tennis or bowls and swim in one of the ponds or Parliament Hill Lido."

and to quote again,

" Set in tranquil parkland with panoramic views over London, Kenwood House boasts sumptuous interiors and important paintings by many great artists. Brewing magnate, Edward Cecil Guinness, first Earl of Iveagh, bought Kenwood House in 1925. Thanks to him, you can admire masterpieces by Rembrandt, Turner, Reynolds, Gainsborough and Vermeer. Admire the Suffolk Collection, with its magnificent full-length Elizabethan portraits and stunning costume details. Or take a turn outside, in parkland influenced by the great English landscape gardener, Humphry Repton. There are also lakeside walks and meandering woodland paths to explore and enjoy. "

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