The Golden Hinde,
Southwark Cathedral,
Winchester Palace,
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

This is easily one of the oldest and most fascinating places in London. It has so much history ! Nothing changed for 1,000 years ! You have Southwark Cathedral (852 AD), Winchester Palace (1100 AD), and a replica of the Golden Hinde (1577 AD) within 200 metres.

Oh, and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is 200m up the path as well.

Scroll down this page before going to look at these other websites for more info; and you just have to come and be here ...

The Golden Hinde (1577 AD); the website is here, and it's worth a look.
Southwark Cathedral (852 AD); the website is here., and again just read it. It's fascinating.
Winchester Palace (1100 AD); try this website. And this one. It's amazing.

This place is not that easy to find, and most tourists miss it.
Spend an afternoon here, this is a fascinating and historic part of London. Go. You must.

To get there, take the tube to London Bridge. Follow the signs and always head back towards the river Thames to stop getting lost.

Some Notes !

Year (approx) 10 AD - A Roman Villa was built here. The remains can still be seen inside Southwark Cathedral.
Year (approx) 852 AD - Southwark Cathedral was built on top of this Roman Villa, using the same Roman mosaic floor which had survived.
Year (approx) 1250 AD - Winchester Palace is built close by, and the ruin is still there to see.
Year ( now !) Today - It's all still there ! Or bits of it, anyway ...

Sir Francis Drake, Captain of the Golden Hinde, was an explorer around 1560; Queen Elizabeth I's time. He can be read about here.
Don't confuse these explorers ! They are each fascinating
Christopher Columbus (born 1451) - Discovered USA, although to be fair, it wasn't the USA. It was an undiscovered country, except for the people who already lived there, and then became a British Colony. ho hum, so the world turns.
Francis Drake (born 1540) - Sailed around the world, proving it not flat, and walloped the Spanish Armada

Walter Raleigh (born 1552) - Roanoke and tobacco and best of all details are here.

This replica of the Golden Hinde is now stored in a dry dock; but this same dock was used 1,000 years ago as a normal dock to trade with vessels coming up the the Thames. Note the high office blocks that now surround it ..
Note also the cannon ...
This is a life-size replica of the Golden Hinde.

The original ship sailed around the world - in a time when people thought that the earth was flat ...

This life size replica also sailed around the world before she was brought here.

Winchester Palace (Ruins)

Note the modern buildings so close by ...
Not many countries preserve their heritage so well as Britain does. And looking at these historic monuments, built 1,000 years ago, and still standing in the midst of modern glass and concrete ...
Think of this. In 1424, James I (of Scotland) had his wedding feast in this very room.

Southwark Cathedral

A quote from the website :
"Southwark Cathedral is situated on the south bank of the River Thames close to London Bridge. It is surrounded by railway lines and buildings, including the historic Borough Market. The churchyard on the south side of the Cathedral is an oasis of calm and is a favourite lunch-time resting place for local office workers."

The church was built close to a Roman Villa, and instead of demolishing the ruins, the 9th Century architects incorporated the viable remains of 100 AD into the new building of 800 AD ...
Please see here for the fascinating website of Southwark Cathedral.

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