South Bank - Walk The Embankment

We love to walk the Embankment; it's beside the river, the main part is between the London Eye and Tower Bridge - about 5 miles. There is so much to see.
We usually start at the Tower Of London and Tower Bridge, and finish at the London Eye.
Allow several hours and a lot of photographs.
Apart from the gorgeous views across the river, and the plenty of people around you to watch, the walk goes past these :
  • Tower Of London
  • St Katherines Docks
  • Tower Bridge
  • HMS Belfast
  • Hays Galleria
  • London Dungeon
  • Southwark Cathedral
  • Golden Hinde
  • Winchester Palace
  • Clink Prison Museum
  • Shakespeares Globe
  • Tate Modern (Art Gallery for Modern Art)
  • A sandy beach at low tide
  • National Theatre
  • South Bank Book Market
  • Royal Festival Hall
  • Street Entertainment
  • London Eye
We get out at Tower Hill tube, and start with a walk around the Tower Of London. This of course is a world famous building, and worthy of a few photographs.

For more information and entry prices, the official website is here.
St Katherine's Docks are the other side of the road, between Tower Of London and Tower Bridge. There's some nice but pricey restaurants and bars here, but also it's a lovely place to walk around.

They have created their own website with more info here.
Then we walk over Tower Bridge. This is a wonderful world famous monument. It's free and easy to walk over the bridge (it's a public road). The high walkways across the top cost £7, which is a cheaper alternative than the London Eye.

The high-level walkways were part of the original design, to allow people to cross the river while the bridge was open.
HMS Belfast is next. She's been moored here since 1971; she was built just before WWII and has a proud history.

The official website is here, but they don't give you much historical information, so a more complete website is wikipedia.

She's worthy of a visit.
Hays Galleria is a really nice place to walk round, and shop. Most of the shops are small independant traders. They cater to tourists well.
And the London Dungeon. Well, we haven't been inside, and it probably caters well to folks who like Disney stuff. The official website is here and it looks scary ...

A good, balanced, description is on wikipedia. It's operated by Merlin Entertainments that also does the London Eye but at least this one has live actors to scare you ... and the history is real.
Southwark Cathedral.
Golden Hinde.
Clink Prison Museum.
This museum is privately owned, so is not free. Entrance is £5, or £12 per family (2+2). It's not a large place, allow 20 mins or so, but it looks well presented.
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
This is a modern-day replica of The Globe Theatre, which existed between 1599-1642. There's a good wikipedia article about the original, and this. If you're walking past anyway, then it's a good idea to step into the foyer and have a look around.

If you want to watch a Shakespeare play of course, then this is the place to come. Details of whats on are on their website.
Tate Modern.
Wonderful Views across the river, all the time, here is St Paul's Cathedral.
It's a lovely walk, even if don't stop at any of the attractions.
At low tide, there's a sandy beach to play on.
This guy is often here. Today he has sculpted an armchair and a sofa, which he's now sitting on.
You walk past the National Theatre.
And Waterloo Bridge.
Underneath Waterloo Bridge, there's a permanent second-hand book sale, called the South Bank Book Market.
It's open daily, so stop to browse.
An area has been set aside for kids on skateboards and bikes.
Then it's the Royal Festival Hall.
Between London Bridge and the London Eye, there is childrens entertainment.
And finally you reach the London Eye. This is London's most popular paid tourist attraction, but it's pricey ...
It's 135 metres high, and provides wonderful views over London during the day.
This is next door to the London Aquarium; opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

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