Big Ben and the
Houses Of Parliament

Want to see inside ? The official website has panoramic views, and some excellent videos on climbing up it ...

Big Ben is one of London's most famous sights, it's nice to see, and it's very central. It's down the road from Trafalgar Square (Downing Street is on the way), over the river from the London Eye, and opposite Westminster Abbey.

Big Ben is at one end of The Houses Of Parliament.
There is no tourist access to Big Ben. UK Residents can request their MP arrange a tour for them; this is not possible for overseas visitors, see here.

There's an interesting Wiki article on Big Ben here.
  The grassy square in the middle is nice to sit in for a while.

Some Notes !

There aren't many facilities around here; if you need a break, then find a local pub.
It's a reasonable place to sit, eat a sandwich, watch people and watch the world go by.
For food, there's a popular large chain-store which does sandwiches.

You're not likely to see famous people coming and going, and security is tight.
Big Ben of course is the bell itself, not the clock building.

The whole building is so large that a single picture is not easy.
This is from Westminster Bridge.
The brooding Houses Of Parliament below an ominous sky...
The lights on Westminster Bridge, overlooking the Thames, with the London Eye behind.

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