Display your family photographs

Display your family photographs
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We love to keep in contact with all our family members, both local and abroad, by uploading our pictures, and we offer the same service to you.

We will create the display pages for your pictures, automatically, into the same format that we use in our 'tourism' pages. (See these pages for examples).

You can send us the pictures in a variety of ways, and we will accomodate your requirements.
  • For the technically minded people, zip up the files into one, and upload this one file.
  • For normal people (!), use the following pages and upload your selected images.
  • For EMail, send your pictures via EMail to PictureUpload@goodliffe.org.uk (max 10 Mb per EMail).
  • Special arrangements will be made for using the Post Office, please use our Contact Us form.

You need to create a username and password ( see next page ), and you choose who to give the password to. Only your elite circle of family and friends can see your pictures. Privacy is assured.

  • We are not politically correct, neither are we prudish, but we will reject what in our opinion are blatantly illegal or immoral photographs. (This has never happened before to us).
  • We prefer to receive original digital images, up to 8 megapixels when taken with a digital camera. We will do all the work for you in converting and displaying them.
  • We will accept a maximum of 50 images per transaction / family album page.
Why do I like this service ?
  • Keeping in contact is as essential as ever. With digital cameras now so popular there has never been a better way to share pictures.
  • However, EMailing pictures (full size) is not an easy option.
  • The people you send to will be busy, and may not have time to open emails, download all the pictures, and sort them out
  • ReSizing your pictures to make them smaller takes time, and results in you sending small, lower quality images.
  • With this service, you can easily upload the original pictures, and leave the rest to us :
  • Your recipient will browse this website when they have the time to do so,
  • They will first see a very fast display of very small thumbnail sketches
  • They only need click and view the pictures that they can see look interesting to them
  • They can quickly download the full size high quality images of only the pictures that they themselves choose
  • They can also upload their own pictures of the same family event to complement your set of photos. And you can then see their pictures and download theirs.
Why is our service special and different ?
  • You can of course create your own family web site to display your pictures on. This is expensive, time consuming, and requires specialist knowledge.
  • Other sites that display your pictures remove your copyright rights. We do not. You keep the copyright on all your pcitures. We display your pictures, on your behalf, with your express agreement.
  • Other sites often allow the whole world to view your family album. Ouch.
  • Our service, as all our services, is personalised and is tailored to your needs. If you have a special request, then we will accomodate you.