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"Billy The Cloud"

Children's Books should be entertaining, fun, easy to read, and educational. Putting questions into children's minds from an early age stimulates basic social skills in how they analyse and answer these questions, plus teaches them the basics of how this world works.

"Billy The Cloud" discusses the basics of how clouds form and what happens to them, with beautiful pictures and an entertaining story line.

We publish "Billy The Cloud" in TWO formats.

Popular Edition

This is our standard edition of Billy The Cloud, printed and bound beautifully; fun, entertaining and educational for children of all ages

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Personalised Edition

Our personalised edition is something special. We ask you to supply us with photographs of your family, that your child will recognise and love. We liase with you, suggesting ways to add rain, different backgrounds, and added humour. Then we create new pages of text to fit with these modified pictures of your family, and include them in between the standard start and end pages of Billy The Cloud.

You can upload your digital photographs through this website. Alternatively, we also use high-quality scanners to read existing printed material.

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